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Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Learning Pack

Comprised of focused lessons and accompanying activities which give clear, concise explanations of key topic areas and examples of how to answer exam style questions. An absolute must for the 11+

Everything can be accessed in your own time and own your own terms.

Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack - £15

VR and Non-VR Introduction

VR - Letter Sequences

VR - Letter Codes

VR - Word Codes

VR - Match the Codes

VR - Making New Words

VR - Vocabulary

VR - Spelling

VR - Number Patterns

VR - Problem Solving

Non-VR - Similarities & Differences

Non-VR - Missing & Hidden Shapes

Non-VR - Cubes, Codes & Combined Shapes 

Sample - VR - Letter Sequences

Encouraging children to use critical thinking and logic to solve a range of language and visual based problems in order to develop essential Reasoning Skills and to grow in confidence facing the challenges of an ever-changing world.